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What if you knew someone who could give you the perfect answer every time? Debbie has helped me change my life surmountably with healing answers regarding weight, finances, love, family, children and my career. I will forever be grateful. -Leigh B

I know without a doubt that God speaks through Debbie. Many miracles have happened. A few things she has helped me  with are forming  healthier relationships,  parenting guidance, money issues, changing negative thought patterns, self-esteem,  body image and healing pain I carried all my life. She has shown me that nothing is unattainable and there are infinite possibilities. I will be forever grateful to her for the way my life has transformed. Words will never be able to explain the gifts she has given me. - Chastity G.

At seventy-five and recently divorced,

I realized that I had many questions, but very few answers. Debbie has helped me re-discover who I really want to be. Her guidance has helped me find joy in my life by encouraging me to try new things, heal old fear, and most importantly, learn how to love myself. For these gifts, I am eternally grateful.  -Lois K.

I was in a place in my life that had no purpose or direction. I was extremely codependent, controlling, full of anger , fear and shame. I did not know what to do or who to turn to. Then I met Debbie.  With her guidance, everything has changed. As a result, I am unrecognizable today. Today my life is filled with happiness, love, joy and gratitude. I am so grateful to Debbie for all that she has given me...

                                                   - Deb P.

I met Debbie at a difficult time in my life when I was trying to deal with multiple stressful issues. She has taught me how to take care of myself - body, mind, soul & spirit in a positive manner. Her support and encouragement have helped me change negative patterns. Debbie has successfully overcome huge obstacles in her own life and inspires me to do the same. I am truly blessed and grateful for her guidance!    - Lynn B.

Before I met Debbie, I was paralyzed with fear. Her genuine caring spirit and knowledge has given me the courage and strength to look more honestly at myself. Today I am excited about the future and am enjoying life. I am grateful to Debbie for so much... Chris H.

There was time when I was filled with self-hatred and in the depths of despair. 

Debbie was supportive  and kind. Thanks for being an amazing influence on my life. - Nada

Debbie helped me see things that were holding me from living the life I was meant to live. I attended several of her workshops and did some 1:1. I am truly grateful to her.  - Sharon 

Debbie has intuitively guided me through many of life's challenges with her insightfulness. She has helped heal my deep wounded heart from an abusive marriage and other unhealthy relationships. When I suffered the tragic loss of my son, she was there to guide me with putting the pieces of my life back together. Debbie's ability to lead me back from a very dark place in my soul into a life with balance and harmony has changed my life forever. 

- Cathy

Debbie is insightful, has a positive outlook on life, passionate about what she does, supportive, encouraging, and  gentle. - Sarah


I have gone through many struggles in my life. Debbie has helped me ovecome things I didn't think I could. She's empowered me to be a better me! Thank you Debbie for the strength, support and guidance you've given me.  - Brandi

Debbie has always been a loving, caring person with a passion for helping others.


© All photographs, text, quotes, and artwork are property of Debbie Crews

unless otherwise stated.

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